El Camino High School ITU Theme:
Fractals: Finding Patterns in Our Everyday Lives

Students will learn about fractals through their Math and Biology classes. Each class will spend a a week learning about how their content area is connected to fractals. The second week will feature a two day "Exchange Program".

Exchange Program:
Mr. Dolnik's Class: Half of the class will go to Ms. Howe's room and be taught about fractals through IPADs by their peers. The other half will lead some of Ms. Howe's students in a field study of El Camino High School's campus.

Ms. Howes Class: Half of the class will go on a Field Study with Mr. Dolnik's students. The other half will teach some of Mr. Dolnik's students about fractals through IPADs in class.

After the two day exchange: all students will have:
- Experience teaching and being taught by peers from the other content area.
- The opportunity to reflect and share what they learned about fractals, their content areas, and the experience of collaborative service learning projects.