FractalCamino ITU will ensure social justice and equity in the content, process, and the product. Firstly, students will learn and answer the essential question about the inter-connectedness of the world, biology, and math through fractals. They will have a day to write a written reflection on what they learned about fractals as a whole and how commonalities can bring people, contents, and perspectives together. Secondly, in planning lessons we have made sure to appeal to all of the different learning modalities. For example, kinisthetic learners have the opportunity to go outside and find natural fractals, drawing and looking up fractals are activities assigned in order for students who need a visual to better understand the idea of fractals, and interpersonal learners get to discuss fractals with students in another content area during the program exchange day. This brings me to another way we are ensuring social justice: using the iPads in the classroom, because technology breaks barriers. El Camino High School is a Title 1 school and some students wouldn't have access to the information and tools provided by the technology if it weren't for the iPads. Finally, mine and Chris's assessments are nontraditional and provide ways to differentiate.