Students, in groups of four, will have to complete an interview with a biotechnology employee. They will have a set of questions provided plus two that they decide to ask of the employee, questions that deal with how the scientists use fractals, patterns, and math in their careers to solve real-life problems.

This activity will provide the students with a great opportunity to interact with a international corporations at the local level. We at El Camino High School are fortunate to have one of the countries' biotechnology hot spots right down the street from our campus! This is great experience for the students to learn about Science and Technology companies from a primary source. This is a great opportunity for students who will go on to interviews for future careers.

How does this to relate the big picture (essential questions)?

Students will understand how biology can help them understand the world around them through interviewing biotech personnel. They will also realize that biotechnology itself is the convergence of man-made and natural patterns to improve our quality of life.