1. Community
a. Geographic Location:
-Eastern half of Oceanside (everything east of El Camino Real)

b. Where students live in relation to campus
-Campus is fairly central to the schools service area (see .pdf above for map)

c. Political Climate of Community:
-Moderate to Conservative
-Heavy Military influence due to proximity to Camp Pendelton

2. School
a. School Mission & Teaching Philosophy
-Restore the Roar! (School motto, since mascot is the wildcat)
-Work Hard and Play Hard (From Principal Rowe)
-Carpe Diem (From Principal Rowe)

b. School Personnel Information
(age range of faculty, staff & administration, years of education,
years of experience…)
- 39:1 Student to teacher Ratio
- 80 Teachers (5 have doctorates and 26 have master's degrees)
- Mr. Rowe, first year Principal (initiating preventative tutoring)
-Three Assistant Principals

c.Reputation of School
(Strengths and Weaknesses – programs, test scores, …)
-API: 769
- 7 out of 10 Rank statewide
- 9 out of 10 similar schools rank
- New EC Energy Career Pathway program
- Students learning English did not get 66.7% proficiency on CAHSEE or CAPA in ELA and Math
-Low income students did not get 66.7% proficiency on CAHSEE or CAPA in Math
- School has been in Program Improvement since 2010 (is in stage 2)
-School has an agriculture program with a 700 pound pig!

d. Campus Architecture (Photos of buildings, classrooms, cafeteria, bathrooms, …)

- Finished $125 million renovations, working on grounds now
- 5 year-old 3-story Science and Math Building

e. Participation of Community in School Activities
-The Music and Theater Arts programs have strong community participation

-Baseball, Basketball, and Track & Field have strong community Involvement

3. Student Population Information
a. Numbers of students served at school
-3104 Students served

b. Demographic information – race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic (free/reduced lunch) ELL, & Special Education
- 88% English Proficient
- 12% English Learners

-52% Hispanic/ Latino
-27% White
-11% Asian American/ Pacific Islander
-9% African American

-45% qualify for Free or reduced-price lunch